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$45.75 give or take

Thats approximately how much money I haven’t spent on disposable nappys for Stella over the last month. Its one lovely aspect of our cloth nappy adventure, the not-so-nice aspect involves opening the bucket every couple of days and putting the nappys into the washing machine! Its funny, I thought it would be the poo smell that would get me but I am absolutely fine with that, even those unpleasant nappys first thing in the morning that I have to scrape into the loo. But its actually the ammonia smell that gets to me. Ugh, whiffy. Putting the individual nappys into the bucket is fine, I can hold my breath while the extraction fan is on in the bathroom, but when I put the nappys into the machine I have to handle them and it takes longer than a couple of breaths.

So I have the perfect number of nappys for our requirements. I only have to wash every other day and can stretch it to the morning of the third day so long as its sunny out to get them dry. We have not had one nappy failure and I haven’t had to use the boosters overnight, but thats because my baby won’t drink as much of my nutritious breastmilk as I would like!

I am so happy with our cloth nappys and so pleased I finally made the decision to use them even this late into Stella’s baby life. Can you believe my baby is turning ONE next month? Unfreakingbelievable.

I have one question for you cloth nappy experts out there? Any way of stopping that ammonia smell from sticking around on the nappys after they are washed? I am hesitant to use too much washing powder because of the instructions that this might compromise their waterproof qualities but this occasionally leaves the nappys smelling slightly astringent.

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