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Spreading her wings
(apologies for the cheesey blog title. I couldn’t resist.)

We went to a special birthday party in the park yesterday. A close friend has a colleague who’s son has been diagnosed with a disease that is going to make his life very hard over the coming years. The company threw the family a birthday party and all proceeds raised from the day will go straight to the family to help them make the changes they need to make to accomodate their five year old’s illness. It was an emotional occasion, lots of people turned up and they had a big sausage sizzle and a dog show and a bouncy castle and face painting. It felt good to be able to contribute to a good cause whilst having fun at the same time. Amy sat patiently and got her face painted and wore her butterfly with pride for the rest of the day.

In other news breastfeeding is still continuing! Yay me! Thank you all for your support and advice, it means such a lot to me to have people cheering in my corner and I feel a lot better about the whole emotional side of it. Sure enough as soon as I relaxed and took the pressure off myself, suddenly Stella was feeding again and so far we have managed a semi-decent feed from both breasts for 3 out of the last 4 nights. The mornings are still a struggle, she just wants to get up and at the day straight away but I am persevering.

The other really exciting thing happening in my life right now is that I have started a photography course. Its a five week course, three hours on a Monday night at a Photography college and gallery in the city. I am lucky enough to be doing this course with a friend who is a talented photographer and general all round gorgeous woman and its just such a pleasure to be doing something for myself. Ron is being a super husband and taking care of the girls on Monday’s and I am full of ideas and inspiration. We have homework which I have been taking very seriously, I will share some of the pics I am taking after tomorrow night’s class!

Remember when I asked you all for advice about Amy’s decision to stop wearing nappies at night? Well the great news is that so far its going really well. It will be two weeks tomorrow since we went cold turkey and we have only had three accidents. Most nights I do pick her up for a sleep wee and this is working in that she hardly wakes up but will do a wee before going straight back to sleep. I am still unconvinced about the sleepwee thing so thats why there have been three accidents, but there have also been nights where we haven’t picked her up and she has slept through dry. Sigh. I am sure that we will slowly figure it out but so far, so good.

Cloth nappy update coming in its own post and I am also toying with doing a menu planning Monday feature as my budgeting/shopping/meal plan is working really well at the moment.

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