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Home Loving Thursday
Today’s “Home Loving Thursday” is brought to you by exhaustion, weariness and sleep deprivation! Stella has come down with a cold, Amy is coughing and today I offered to babysit a friend’s little boy to help her out. He is a day older than Stella and I have to say, quite hard work. I put him down for a sleep before Ron left to walk Amy to preschool and Ron was very concerned about the noises coming from the spare room. “He sounds like he is being murdered in there.” Thats just Benny boy’s method of winding down. Sigh.
As far as home loving went today, I managed to fold and put away a batch of cloth nappys (post coming soon) and also marinaded and cooked a delicious dinner before Ben’s Mum picked him up and I left to fetch Amy and a friend from preschool. My darling husband cleaned the kitchen after dinner and is currently next door helping out our single Mum neighbour murder an apparently HUGE spider! What a hero!
This is how I feel and so I am going to bed.
PS Ron just came back from next door with the biggest spider ever, in a tupperware. Thanks Ron. I have sent him outside to dispose of it on the doorstep with his thong. I like spiders and all that, but that thing was obscene! He is still my hero (and the Mum and her two daughters next door!)
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