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I am photography obsessed at the moment and spent a pleasant few hours this morning going through a big box of stuff that includes my old uni portfolio. God I was a self-indulgent student! I discovered photography in a BIG way in my first year at university. I was studying for a bachelor of Journalism, majoring in Photojournalism and English but unfortunately the course structure meant I could only specialise in Photojournalism in my third year, the first two years of the degree had units in all aspects of journalism including design, radio, television, editing and a brief intro into photojournalism. This wasn’t enough photography for me so I did a course outside of uni with a fantastic photographer who helped me improve my skills in the darkroom and back at uni I marched into the office of the head of photojournalism and told him I was ready to learn. I became a strange kind of groupie who attached herself to the older students in the photojourn department. I went along on shoots, hung out with them after lectures and generally made a pest of myself. My persistence paid off because that year I was the only first year journalism student who was given any work as a photographer on the newspaper that our university produced for the National Arts Festival. What happened next is a story for another day but this was the start of my obsession with photography. I love this photo of me. It was taken by a fantastic friend, a partner in crime who I had many, many photography and band related adventures with (part of that whole other story!) and this photo was how I saw the world that year, through the lens of my trusty pentax K1000 that I inherited from my father. Good times.

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