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Home Loving Thursday

I have used today’s “Home Loving Thursday” to do a bit of personal housekeeping rather than actual housekeeping. I am in ‘that’ phase of my cycle and have been feeling moody and disgruntled. I can’t seem to make the simplest decisions and big plans like our trip to Perth in May are leaving me feeling panicky and helpless. Usually when I start to feel overwhelmed by it all, I sit down and clear my head and write a list. But today my usual coping techniques just weren’t working. I think its a combination of things, its definitely seasonal. The cool change that has come through this week has made me feel a little sad that summer is on its way out but also eager to enjoy the cooler months. This time of year also has a strange effect on me. I don’t like the fresh start mentality of January, I used to put so much pressure on myself to start new projects and make sweeping resolutions and then as January fades into February which speeds into March, I start to stress about how quickly the year is flying by and how little I have accomplished on my to-do-list.

As of this evening I am feeling a little more peaceful. I had a relaxing day, we walked Amy to preschool which was lovely, the hills are killer but its good for all of us to get out and walking and I am going to try to walk her to school both days as the weather cools. As far as home-loving goes, today I accomplished a few small tasks, I did some housekeeping on my new laptop, tidying folders and rearranging a few things to allow me to work on my photographs more effectively. I did a couple of loads of washing including a big load of nappies. I always feel immensely satisfied looking at all the plush nappies hanging on the line. I did a quick meal plan for the weekend and next week, we are budgeting madly at the moment as we try and get used to the cost of preschool each week so I am being very creative in the kitchen and making meals from not much at all.

Ron has gone to rugby training tonight. We had some wonderful news earlier this week, I will dedicate a whole blog post but just to say quickly, as of right now, Ron doesn’t need to have anymore surgery on his knee! We are both thrilled and relieved and I am just so happy for Ron. He still won’t go back to playing rugby again and he is on very light exercise for a further two months but the outcome is very positive so he has gone to have a beer with the boys after training and I am sitting quietly in the corner of our living room, blind up letting the cool night in while I sip a cold glass of Muscato. I am feeling pensive and reflective and a little melancholic.
I thought I might illustrate my mood by using a self-portrait I took whilst at university, a time in my life when I spent a lot of hours being self-indulgent and reflective.
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