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HELP – advice please

Help, my crazy child who was just a BABY a short time ago has decided once and for all that she is a big girl and doesn’t want to wear nappies at night. Just a quick recap, we had a shocker toilet training my stubborn and strongwilled daughter but when she finally decided she was ready, that was it, done in a weekend. The exact weekend I was out of the country. Well the same kind of thing has happened now. I have been putting off getting rid of the night nappy because we were travelling and then we were jetlagged and then I was just too lazy. So now I only have one waterproof mattress protector and not enough sheets. She is dry 3 out of 7 nights even in her nappy so I don’t think its going to be too hard, also she doesn’t drink a great deal before she goes to bed. But, I need advice, what worked for you?

  1. Put her to bed in pants after a wee and then go in before we go to sleep, scoop her up and pop her on the loo for a sleepwee? If we do this will we still be doing it when she is 16?
  2. Put her to bed in pants after a wee and let her wet the bed a few times until she learns to either wake up or control her bladder?
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