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We had our annual trip to the Dentist last week. The experience reminded me that now that we are a family of four I really do need to rethink how we do some activities. Booking a family appointment at 3pm meant everyone sat around in the waiting room for two hours as Ron, Amy and I took our turns in the dentist’s chair. Not very clever organising on my part. Stella was furiously grumpy by the time we left, not suprising really considering she currently has 4 possibly 5 teeth coming through all at the same time. Poor baby. Poor me.

This was Amy’s second visit to the dentist and she was so well behaved. She came in with me and when I asked her if she wanted me to go first, she was adamant that she wanted to. She hopped straight up onto the chair and lay back and opened her mouth as wide as it would go! The Dentist and I both laughed because she wasn’t remotely ready to look in Amy’s mouth, she had to put on her mask and gloves and get a pair of dark glasses out for Amy. Thankfully Amy has beautiful healthy teeth and the dentist complimented Ron and I on our skills in helping Amy learn good dental hygiene. I can’t take any of the credit, its all due to my Mum being a dental hygienist who has drilled good habits into me from an early age.
That being said I could definitely be flossing more so Amy and I have promised the dentist that we will floss everyday and brush our teeth for a minmum of two minutes.
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