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Home Loving Thursday
Its time for another edition of Missy Boo’s “Home Loving Thursday. Last week I used my precious preschool day to wash all the linen on the beds, hang it out and put it back on the beds. I also did a quick shop and cooked up a pot of delicious taco mince for dinner. So far today I have washed a load of nappies and towels, hoovered and mopped the kitchen and bathroom.
My big project for the day was to sort through the toy baskets in our living room. They get full up with all sorts of miscellaneous crap and Stella is also growing out of a lot of the baby toys already so its time to pack away a few things and make some room for the toys that the girls do play with.
This is what the corner of our living room looks like during the day. Most evenings I pack it away quickly while the girls are bathing with Ron or Ron will pack it away while I am sorting out dinner. But Amy’s books are always hidden behind a pile of toys and she doesn’t have easy access to them. Also Stella is enjoying the board books but I need to seperate the books that are age appropriate for her from the books with paper pages that she can’t be allowed to chew on!
Tidying involved upending all the baskets and starting to sort the toys into piles which I actually rather enjoyed. Sometimes its theraputic to make a big mess all over the floor. I watched the Olympic men’s half-pipe semi-finals  pretty soon had everything organised.
The end result looks great! Amy’s books neatly sorted on one shelf, I am aware that this will last all of 5 minutes after she gets home but its time she learnt to take some responsibility so she can be in charge of putting them back on the shelf. Underneath are a mix of Amy’s toys including little people and Stella’s toys and then underneath are Stella’s bigger toys. In the shelf to the right are the books that Stella can play with, all hardy board books that Amy loved and I hope Stella will enjoy.
Right now I am taking a break from Home Loving and sitting on the couch catching up on last nights SYTYCD. Stella is having a great sleep, the poor baby has FOUR teeth coming through at the moment and is finally a bit more settled. We have also popped out to the shops today after I did a quick meal plan and now we are stocked up till next Wednesday.
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