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Nothing says I love you like raw fish

Last night my husband and I shared an impromptu romantic dinner date. At our own dining room table. Somehow the stars aligned and we found ourselves sitting opposite each other, talking, making sushi and drinking sparkling wine.

Inspired by my Dad who made delicious sushi whilst we were on holiday, I bought the nori, wasabi and pickled ginger along with some sushi rice a few weeks ago. On Thursday when Stella and I popped up to the shops to get some fruit and veg I saw a piece of sashimi tuna at the fishmonger and bought it on the spur of the moment.

I made two lots of sushi rice in our new rice cooker, the first was dry and slightly underdone so instead of fretting I just made another batch which turned out better. I finely julienned avocado, cucumber and spring onion and Ron sliced the tuna into thin strips.

Ron is sushi master in our house and he rolled our maki with a practiced hand, creating delicious and mostly perfect rolls. I struggled to stop eating them as quickly as he could make them whilst drinking bubbly and talking. It was bliss. Outside the rain came down and inside we sat and talked while Ron sliced sushi onto the gorgeous handpainted plates that my Mum made for us as a wedding gift.

It was such an unplanned evening, no expectations and the girls slept peacefully while we enjoyed our adult time. No tv or laptops to distract us.

Last night really reminded me of how our evenings used to be before we had the girls when we lived in London. Ron and I moved into a studio flat overlooking Clapham Common six month after we met. Our bed was in a nook off the living space and we had a teeny tiny kitchen next to the bathroom. The flat had big windows open to the sky and we had no room for a table, instead we ate our meals at the long ikea shelf we used for a coffee table. We used to spend hours in the small kitchen together, cooking and then later we would sit and talk because we didn’t have a tv.

Last night we found ourselves talking about a wide range of subjects and strangely we hardly spoke about the girls. Later after we finished the wine, Ron did the dishes and then went out to buy ice-cream for dessert. It was a perfect romantic dinner just in time for Valentines day.

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