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So I finally turned the table around in the kitchen. I have been talking about doing this for AGES and it took me all of two minutes. I think this arrangement is going to work for us because we can easily sit opposite each other at the table rather than next to each other. I was concerned the table would jut out into the kitchen too much and although it kind of does, we will all get used to it. I have asked Ron to pad the two corners though, I know someone’s child is going to run full tilt into the sharp edge before too long!

A couple of other things. My peapod nappys arrived today, I am so excited to start using them although I have yet to find a decent bucket with a well sealed lid that I can store the dirty nappys in. I am also investigating making my own cloth wipes, if anyone has any advice on this I would appreciate it!

Also, I took Amy to the Dr this morning just to get her checked out. She went off to preschool fine yesterday with no temperature and was ok when she got home, just extra, extra tired. Sure enough there was cause for her complaining about her mouth, she has what the Dr described as aphtha ulcers or just plain old mouth ulcers near her tonsils. They are viral and will often be accompanied by a high temperature. There is no treatement, he just suggested she eat and drink whatever made her mouth feel better, I think iceypoles will fall into that category!

I feel a little bad about sending her to preschool yesterday because like anything viral, ulcers are contagious and apparently quite common. I am guessing thats where she picked them up in the first place. I double checked the preschool handbook this morning and it says the following with regard to sickness:

“In general you should keep your child home if they are unwell, however there are cases where you should not send your child if any of the following symptoms are present:
A temperature of 38.0 or more on the morning of attendance
Vomiting or had a loose bowel movement in the past 24 hours
Any rash unless cleared by the Dr (a certificate may be required)
Impetigo, scabies
A severe cold (fever, sneezing, green nose drainage)
Head or body lice
Any contagious disease (eg Chicken pox, measles)”

So its one of those cases of “do what you think is right” and thats where its a little tricky for me. I know some kids who’s noses drain all the time and I also know some Mum’s who take their children to the Dr for every little complaint. We fall somewhere in the middle, Amy is really robust physically even though there is not much too her! She seldom gets colds or severe illness and when she does have something strange like Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (the Coxsackies A virus) she will present with very few symptoms and hardly complain at all. Based on previous experience when Amy gets a high temperature I know she is actually ill with something and will take her to the Dr.

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