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Home Loving Thursday

Inspired by the lovely Missy Boo I think I might start a weekly “Home Loving Thursday” episode on the blog. Thursdays are MY day now that Amy is going to preschool two days a week. If I plan my weeks carefully I can get most of the chores out the way on Wednesday so that I have some time during Stella’s naps on Thursday to do things for ME. Such as:

  • sorting through that box of photos that has been sitting in the garage for 3 years!
  • working on a portfolio for the photography business I have been threatening to start for ages.
  • photographing Amy’s artwork for a digital scrapbook
  • working on the Playgroup zone newsletter which I have put my hand up to edit! It goes out to about 600 members quarterly and its up to me to compile.
  • working on my meal planner and budget, I want to cost out all the favourites that I cook repeatedly so I can make my grocery budget stretch further.
  • spend some time planning our year, holidays, weekends, catching up with friends.

I had a really successful day today despite a bad night last night. Amy woke up at 8.30pm with a raging fever of 39.6 and it took ages to get it under control. She had complained about her mouth hurting earlier after dinner and I was beating myself up for not paying more attention to her then. She wasn’t unhappy and was content just to lie on the couch next to me until the panadol kicked in and she cooled enough for me to pop her back into bed. She was in high spirits this morning and adamant she wanted to go to preschool so we dropped her off. I am still a little unsure about the daycare etiquette when it comes to sick children. Of course I get that you shouldn’t take your child in if they are clearly unwell or contagious but what about today? Amy had a high fever that was most likely viral last night but no other symptoms and felt fine this morning with her normal temperature of 36.5 so I felt comfortable sending her to school.

Back home Stella obliged with two massive two hour naps and I accomplished SO MUCH today! I did three loads of linen washing so changed all the sheets on all the beds/cots. I also washed a load of towels and folded two loads of laundry. Stella and I popped up to the shops and stocked up on fruit and veg and when we came home I made a big pot of mexican mince for tacos for dinner and also made some apple and pear puree to put in the freezer for Stella.

I am looking forward to planning next Thursday!

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