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Something I have been meaning to do for a long, long time
When I was pregnant with Amy and Ron was working for the Envir0nment Agency, he did a calculation on the cost of cloth nappys vs. disposables. The figures didn’t really add up considering we were living in a country where the only way we could dry our laundry was to turn the heating up full blast! At the time it just wasn’t convenient to embrace cloth nappys, we moved countries when Amy was 4 months old, travelled for two months and then moved into a house with Ron’s parents until she turned one. I never followed my desire to cloth nappy.
I can’t quite recall why I didn’t pursue the idea when I was pregant with Stella. I think I was too traumatised by how badly wrong toilet training was going with Amy and so I just abandoned the idea. Then we were travelling to South Africa and so once again the idea was shelved. Until last week when a friend bought me a MCN (modern cloth nappy) to use as a swim nappy and suddenly I had to do it. I sat down with a spreadsheet and worked out that to buy disposable nappys for Stella for the next two years would cost us approximately $1,500!
Cloth nappys have come a long way since the olden days when our parents had to origami fold terry toweling squares into a servicable shape to secure around the baby’s bum, held in place precariously with pointy sharp nappy pins. Nowadays there are so many options its almost overwhelming.

AIO (all-in-ones) or pockets, bamboo boosters or hemp. I found it quite hard to navigate my way through the selection but thanks to a good friend and some market research I decided that pocket nappys were what I was looking for. These are water resistant outer covers with microfleece lining into which you slip the absorbant cloth in a hidden pocket, this means you can customise then for maximum absorbancey for overnight or less if you want the nappy to look less bulky. They do up at the front with snaps and they are sized so that one nappy should last a baby through until toilet training. They come in a range of cute colours and they are so soft and comfortable and gorgeous looking that I am in love.

The rest of my order should be here next week, I can’t wait to see these delicious thighs incased in all natural fibres and to finally achieve that ambition I have harboured for so long.

I promise to let you know how I go and what my opinions are. Ron is completly in agreement with this choice and he says he will try and overcome his weak gag reflex by imagining all those nappies that won’t be going to landfill. I don’t know quite how he will cope with the drypail or bucket where I will keep the dirty nappys until they are washed but I am hoping its an adjustment we can all make.

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