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I won, I won, I won!

Ages ago I entered a giveaway on the delightful Squigglemum’s webpage to win $50 worth of delicious, nutricious, organic meals from Organic Bubs, an organic baby food company. Unbelievably, I WON! Seriously, it was cause for celebration because I never win anything. In fact I can tell you that the only thing I have ever won was a crocheted blanket in a school raffle when I was 7, the kicker, my Mum crocheted the blanket. So when Cath contacted me to tell me I was selected as one of the winners, well I was super excited. Unfortunately it was so close to our big trip to South Africa that I couldn’t arrange delivery before we left. However the very kind office manager at Organic Bubs said it was absolutely no problem to leave my delivery until we got back and so this week I was able to make my selections and today when Stella and I got home from the shops there was a big purple cooler bag sitting on my doorstep waiting for me!

I have to say that this blog post is completely unsolicited but I have to tell you all how impressed I am. Firstly with the extremely helpful lady at Organic Bubs who responded to my emails promptly, made some good suggestions and even graciously allowed me to order something which is on sale during January, even though my prize was awarded in December! This meant I got almost double the meals for my money and wow, what a selection I got!

The containers were all frozen and packed into the cooler bag with extra frozen blocks to ensure they didn’t defrost. The tubs are all well labeled and easy to stack in my freezer but the real test came when I heated some up for Stella this evening. I have a confession to make. When Amy was a baby I made her babyfood exclusively. In fact the only time I fed Amy food from a jar was when we went on holiday at Easter and 6 days into the trip I didn’t have access to a kitchen to make any food fresh so resorted to jars. Amy wasn’t a big fan so I just went straight back to making her food when we got home. With Stella I had the same lofty ambitions (and cheap nature!) but then when we arrived in South Africa I decided to make all our lives easier and buy organic fresh babyfood from the fancy supermarket there. With the exchange rate from AUD to ZAR it was about the same as if I had made it. Sigh, and now Stella seems to be a little fussier about her food. She is not wild about either my baby bolognaise or the delicious chicken, sweet potatoe and carrot casserole that I lovingly prepared when we got back from holiday.

So, would my (slightly) picky baby enjoy the Apricot Chicken and the corn, kumera and pumpkin puree? The answer is a resounding YES. She wolfed it down making that babybird face where her mouth opens and closes and she grunts until I shovelled in another mouthful. I initially warmed up half of each thinking she might not fancy it but then had to quickly warm up the rest before she flew into a rage. Sucess. I am very pleased and relieved that I won’t have to fight her to eat over the next week or so while she has Mini cottage pie with kumera mash and pureed apple with a sprinkle of cinnamon to feast on.

I still don’t know that our budget could stretch to buying babyfood all the time, but I know for sure I am going to be trying out the mighty meals for Amy and will definitely keep a selection in the freezer for those days when there is just too much going on to get everyone’s dinner made in time!

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