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The Super Whites
They are small, but deadly

The girls have really ganged up on me today. How is it that children have an inate ability to sense weakness and then do everything in their power to exploit it? Yesterday I did my first real exercise since I was pregant with Stella. Sure I walked during my pregnancy, especially in the middle trimester after I was done with the vomiting and when I had loads of energy. But other than the everyday tasks involved in caring for two young children, there hasn’t been much time in my life for routine physical exertion. Until now, Stella has been apart from my body for longer than she was inside me and I don’t know if its coincidence or just January that has made me itch to reclaim my physical being, but I am not going to question it. I am motivated and I hope I stay this way!

I met up with a friend yesterday morning and we spent the next hour dying a slow, torturous death-by-boxing-instructor in a park. Thankfully the weather was a lot cooler than the day before when it reached highs of 42degrees, instead we had cooling drizzle to mask the sweat that poured off me as I huffed and heaved and limped around. Despite how hard it was to make my body work, I loved the challenge and really enjoyed the class. I will go back.

Today however, I needed a hoist to get out of bed, my quads are so tight that I am prancing like a show pony and I can’t sit down or get up without manoevering! Stella decided not to sleep at lunch time so I was in and out of her room and bending over the cot near about broke me everytime. Thanks girls for forcing me to use my aching muscles again!

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