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The Super Whites

She loved it! There were no tears at all when we left this morning, she waved goodbye happily and shouted “see you later, alligator” as we drove off. I cried big, snotty sobs for a few minutes in the car and then quietly hiccuped to myself as Ron drove us to work. He held my hand and told me she would be fine and that I needed to remember how happy she was when we left and not imagine her all alone without me.

She was super excited to see us when we came to pick her up and she ran around showing us her locker and the painting she did and the drawings. She made us stand and watch the digital display on the flatscreen so we could see her in the photos and then she rushed around saying goodbye to the teachers. She said the best thing about her day was playing in the cubby house pretending to make ice-creams for everyone else and the worst thing was when a little boy snatched the spade she was playing with in the sandpit. She seems excited and enthusiastic to return tomorrow.

I need a large glass of wine. My little girl is growing up.

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