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Chicken legs

I am finding it so hard to get back into a blogging routine. I wake up at 5am full of ideas and plans and then fall back asleep and then the day starts and its all run, run, run and I don’t have the time. Then its bedtime and I am still hoarding sleep like a starving squirrel hoards nuts so I panic and rush around and race to bed so I can get enough sleep and then its too late to be creative and clever and edit photos and so I just pass out instead.

And the blog doesn’t get updated. Sorry about that. The good news is that 5 nights into sleep training Stella actually slept a full 12 hours without needing ANYTHING from her parents. Thats right, no middle of the night patting, or crying (from her or from us!) no dummy retrieval service, and most importantly for me (and my B00BS) NO FEEDING.

Can I have a halleluliah?

Right and now I need to race to bed because its nearly 9.30 and OHMYGOD what if I have to wake up and deal with a crying baby, I won’t be able to cope tomorrow. I wonder how many full nights of sleep I have to get to break this habit of panicking after 8.30pm? I think my husband would like to know too. Wink, wink.

Oh, and Amy starts preschool this week. How did this tiny baby with her little chicken legs get big enough to go off to preschool without me? Sob.

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