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One of the best things about travel is getting to meet up with people you don’t get to see very often. Case in point, my friend Rebecca and her son Jackson. We shared a delicious lunch at a cool place in Joburg with an awesome multi-storey playarea that of course, Amy didn’t want to play in until the very end. Sigh. Kids. Still, she and Jackson had fun together and it was only a little strange for Rebecca and I to sit and share a bottle of wine and talk about our CHILDREN! Sadly we didn’t get to meet up again for another longer, boozier lunch, the fates conspired against us. Till next time hey!

I will resume regular posting on the blog when we all start getting a little more sleep. Coming up:

  • adventures in sleep training
  • Stella on the giraffe, my how you have grown
  • Stella’s 8 month update
  • our holiday, in photos….
  • plans for the year
  • and more…… stay tuned!
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