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We’re back……………….

And the jetlag is horrific, the homesickness is desperate and the heat is exhausting! Also I was in such a state of holiday stupor before we left that I forgot to update my portable harddrive with all the photos I downloaded from various cameras whilst on holiday and so now I only have a few pics from the trip to hand. Luckily for you actually as who wants to see a hundred photos from someone else’s holidays! Unluckily for you my Dad is going to send them to me on a memory stick so the fun can continue. Hah!

In the meantime I am hoping the girls get over their jetlag quickly because being awake from 11.30pm last night till 4.15am this morning was not pleasant. I had a bit of a weep because I was feeling so sorry for myself, however I am pleased to report that everything looks more cheerful in the light of day and I am feeling a little happier this evening.

(edited to add that this is one of my favourite photos of my sister and I from the holiday. She is divine and if she wasn’t my sister, she would be one of my best friends, we had such fun together.)

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