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The Super Whites
A bit of this, a bit of that

Our holiday so far, in pictures.
Amy slept a few hours on the flight then went to bed at 8pm and woke a few hours later at 12.30am. She was awake all the way through until 11am that morning when we finally convinced her to have a nap. Getting her to sleep was a problem, getting her to wake up was a nightmare!

At my parent’s house there has been a lot of swimming going on.

In Cape Town we enjoyed a lot of beautiful scenery.

Some of us enjoyed a few long car naps.

We saw the mountain from underneath, unfortunately the cloud meant we couldn’t go up it this time.

There was more swimming in the most beautiful swimming pool at our hotel. What a view.

Some sunset photos.

A visit to the penguins.
We are having the best time ever. Seriously. Back in Joburg now and then off down the coast next week for two weeks over Christmas. Stella has decided to celebrate her holiday by sleeping through the night. I have decided to celebrate this fact by enjoying a lot of cider. Everyone is happy!
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