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There has been a fair amount of this going on as we practice for travelling with Stella and Amy. When Amy was a baby we were strict on ourselves not to let her fall asleep on us or get used to any particular routine that would limit her ability to soothe/settle and fall asleep on her own. With Stella, as you well know, I have indulged myself, as has Ron and we cuddle her when she needs to be rocked to sleep and last week we even co-slept in order to get through a particularily bad patch of sleep issues. Since we are off on a wonderful holiday/adventure so soon I have been even less concerned about routine and habit and have happily let Stella fall asleep on me. After all, its kind of practice for the 14 hour flight when she is going to be on me all the way. Yikes.

(and yes, yesterday’s picture is of Ron, aged six months. No photoshop trickery this time, just a scan. Its quite remarkable how alike Stella and baby Ron look!)

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