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The Super Whites

The desperately gorgeous matching rashie suits I bought for the girls…… I cannot wait to see them in these at the beach on holiday, TOO CUTE!
I have a terrible illness, its debilitating and exhausting. I did actually self-diagnose but I didn’t even need Dr Google for this one. I have I.H.S, a little known or researched syndrome that is however widely experienced. In fact I bet you have all had this one before without even realising it. I have Impending Holiday Syndrome. You know, where you can feverishly write lists in the middle of the night about how many sundresses to pack and which books you want to read but when confronted with a question about dinner tonight, you go to pieces and can’t cope? I have set myself a few small tasks to do each day before we go and today I managed to buy travel insurance, renew holiday insurance, inform the Family Assistance Office that we will be out of the country, research portable DVD players, pay the rest of Ron’s surgical bill (OUCH) and sort out Amy’s craft box so I have a couple of boxes of pencils to take with us on the plane.

I didn’t manage to get the cover back on the duvet, sort and do two loads of washing, fold the clean stuff, load/wash/unload the dishwasher, clean the kitchen/bathroom/living room or think about dinner tonight. Thankfully Ron took a flex day from work and took Amy to swimming, bought toilet paper and dinner and cleaned the car. One of us needs to function on a daily basis between now and next week or else!

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