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Stella is seven months old

Stella was 7 months old on Sunday. She now weighs 9.35kgs and this morning she started getting up onto all fours, my guess is another week and she will be crawling.

Stella is recovering from her horrible cough, less coughing and more sleeping is occuring which is very nice.

She is also still teething, two bottom teeth are through now but something else is happening as she is frustrated, drooly and slightly off her food. Everything goes in her mouth and she chomps on her hands/toys/my nipples as though there is solace to be found. Nope, no solace there, here, have some baby nurofen.

Did I mention that I recently found Amy’s red book with her weight/length/head circumference stats in it? The numbers only go up to 6 months but it was interesting to do a little comparison between the girls. Here are some graphs as created by my master numbers man, Ron.
The girls head circumferences are almost identical.

Lengthwise the girls are also almost the same.

In the weight stakes however, Stella is a whole division ahead of Amy! Nearly 2 kgs heavier than her older sister at the same age.
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