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Hot, hot, hot, hot…..

Today is HOT. Its currently 40.7 degrees C or 105.2 degrees F. Very, very, very HOT. For those of you reading in Sydney, you already know this. I hope, like us, you are tucked up indoors with the blinds down and the aircon turned up. Our little house is quite easy to cool down with our aircon in the living room and ceiling fans in our bedroom and the portable airconditioner in the girl’s room, sleeping is manageable. But my word its hot today.

Ron and I are off to the wedding of some rugby friends. The bride to be is from Canada and her friends and family who have flown over are struggling, seriously, even us staunch southern hemisphere locals are battling and I feel very sorry for the bride (floor length, multiple layers, not a cool colour) and the groom and attendants (full suits PLUS WAISTCOATS) and although they are getting married at 6pm, its still outdoors and its going to take a very large storm or high wind to blow away the heat today.

The dress code is avant garde and my dress is a little slip of chiffon over a slip of silk so I will at least be cooler. Stella is modelling my fascinator, no I didn’t make it, I had great plans to until I left my shopping too late and they had packed away the fascinator/hat station and replaced it with Christmas crafts. Ron is wearing a long sleeved shirt, sleeves rolled up, casual pants and brown shoes. He is going to be warm. We are all going to be warm. I plan on keeping well hydrated, with the copious amounts of sparkling wine that will be flowing!

Photos to follow tomorrow!

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