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Amy hasn’t had a haircut since my sister was here last April, thats 18 months ago. Since then we have gone through a period of traumatic baths where Amy refused to get in the water and a period of refusal to wash hair where one or other of us had to get in the water with her and physically get her under the water to wet her head. Include in the mix if you will a time of terrible fights over hairbrushing and it got to the point that I was happy to just let her hair grow and enforce the hair-up-for-going-out and the hairwashing Monday rules.

And then, with all the other changes that Amy has gone through recently came the desire to have her hair cut in the same hair salon where I went a few weeks ago. We have been talking about the lovely hairdresser and how much fun it is and today I took Amy in for her first wash, cut & dry. It was brilliant.

The child who has refused to let anyone wet her hair, happily had a scalp massage and TWO shampoos!

She sat quietly in the booster seat and did exactly what the lovely hairdresser told her to do, head up, head down, look to the front.

And before too long we came home with this!

A beautiful, healthy, manageable bob which we all love.

I have a feeling this one is going to cost her father and I some money in the years to come!

Luckily she is just as happy playing outside in the dirt as she is in the hairsalon having her hair blowdried!
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10 Responses to Hair

  1. Ali says:

    Love the new do Amy! She looks just gorgeous.

  2. Thea says:

    Oh so gorgeous!!!

  3. Thea says:

    Oh, so gorgeous!

  4. Gemisht says:

    I recognize that basin 🙂 Amy looks gorgeous. Love the new look. Did K do it?

  5. Gemisht says:

    I recognize that basin 🙂 Amy looks gorgeous. Love the new look. Did K do it?

  6. momcat says:

    She's such a little model. I also went through such a stage when I was younger and had long thick wavy hair which I hated having washed. My parents used to lie me on the washing machine next to the bathroom basin with my dad pinning my flailing arms and legs down while my mom quickly shampooed my hair. Wow! What a little hellcat. And to think I was normally placid.

  7. Sunny Road says:

    Oh she looks gorgeous! I have been through ups and downs of hair washing and cutting with my 2. All seems to be OK with it right now, but it is a real battle some times. My next challenge will be convincing them the shower is not evil!

  8. kurrabikid says:

    She looks more like you now she has shorter hair…

  9. Lucy Taylor says:

    Those eyes! she is so grown up Sarah, i can't believe that the last time I saw her she was such a little dot. Kisses to you all xxxx

  10. Fe says:

    LOVE the new "do"!! But I just can't take my eyes off that beautiful face. She just gets more beautiful every day. xoxoxo

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