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Shoes, shoes and shoes, oh and boots

When Amy started dance class back in September, Ron bought her a pair of ballet slippers, the cheap ones, but still proper ballet shoes. Amy had noticed that some of the other children in her class wore pink slippers and she was so excited when she opened them. It was a lovely father/daughter moment.

Of course then she refused to wear them in class saying they made her feet hurt and she ended up dancing barefoot like most of the other children. Now that the shoes have stretched out and become a little worn and soft she does wear them and its just another thing that mades me smile, picking up my daughter’s ballet slippers before heading out the door.

Amy has had a number of new pairs of shoes lately. Her feet have grown a huge amount in the last year, she has gone from a size 8 to a size 10 and when I saw these trainers on sale for half price I had to buy them. She loves them and this is saying something because she started wearing these at the tail end of a run of terrible shoe issues where she cried and threw tantrums if we tried to get her to wear socks and shoes saying they hurt her feet, irritated her toes, traumatise her personality. She loves these trainers and requests to wear them frequently.
Amy also loves to wear my shoes and she was most excited when i got my pointy boots out to wear to dinner with a friend a few weeks ago. She clomped around after her bath admiring them for ages. Be careful Amy, its an expensive habit to maintain!
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