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A couple of Stella milestones

Back at the beginning of September aged 4 1/2 months Stella started to grab her toes whilst lying on the change table, before long she was actually getting hold of them and then they became the best toy around.

From grabbing to playing to shoving them in her mouth, another milestone. Another month.

One day in the middle of October I read somewhere about a baby similar age to Stella that was sitting up. So I have a brainwave and prop Stella up with my feeding pillow behind her, never thinking she would actually stay upright. Sure enough she doesn’t even need the pillow as she goes from strength to strength and within a few days she is sitting happily unassisted aged six months. This is the best stage in terms of baby contentment. Stella is happy to sit for ages and now that she is strong and confident she will bend over right to the ground to grab something within her reach and then boing, back upright again, toy in hand, happy face. I remember loving this stage with Amy who also started sitting unassisted quite early. Suddenly I can put the baby down and she will stay where I put her unlike when I lay her on her back and two seconds later she rolls over and gets herself wedged under the couch and then she complains. Long may this last!

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