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Snotty noses and smiles

Stella and I have snotty noses today. Amy has the sneezles. Ron is doing just fine and we want to keep it that way so we have limited kisses and cuddles for a few days. Sigh.

Stella is her usual happy, smiley, sweet self despite a running nose and weepy eyes.

Seriously, she is just the happiest little person, always quick with a smile and an all-over body wriggle when she sees Amy or myself or Ron.

My favourite time is just after she has woken up when she has been talking in her cot and one of us goes into get her. She wriggles all over from her head to her toes with pure joy. Its hard not to laugh out loud. Her big sister makes me laugh too, just the other morning she was lying in bed calling out “Your majesties, I am waiting for my loyal servants to come and get me up!”

She still stays in bed and calls us to come and get her when she wakes. Amazing. And if we don’t respond to her calls of “Mummy, I’m awake, come and get me!” then she escalates to “Sarah, I’m awake, Sarah White, come and get me!”
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