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Ever since this dead stick grew a beautiful flower back in September, 2007, I have eagerly awaited spring and these gorgeous, purple, lilac flowers.

Last year we transplanted the vine and this year I have waited patiently for it to burst into life.

The waiting was worth it but strangely this year the flowers seemed to bloom and then die overnight. I think sadly it was more the fact that time is flying by this year, rather than the plant flowering quicker.

As soon as the flowers started to finish and the vine sprouted hundreds of leaves and new growth, we knew we needed to do something to help it expand. As it got bigger it grew outward until the weight of itself was bringing it forward towards the ground.

So Ron bought two pieces of trellis, spray painted them woodland grey to match the trim on our garage and deck and attached them to the fence. I then spent an hour fastening the vine to the trellis with cable ties and encouraging the new vines back into the trellis to strengthen it.

The end result is amazing, the vine has overtaken the trellis and keeps trying to reach up into the trees above it. Its spread out on either side and each day I see new vines waving in the wind, looking for a place to attach and grow towards the sun.

It has helped camoflage that side of the deck where previously we looked onto the neighbours untended garden and its greenery makes me smile every time I look out the kitchen window. If I wasn’t so afraid of the passing of time I would wish next September to come around so I can enjoy the beautiful purple, lilac blossoms again.

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