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Ron’s skinny chicken leg

I haven’t updated the blog on Ron’s leg for a while. Its two months tomorrow since he turned awkwardly whilst playing his rugby grand final and twisted his knee. 8 weeks since he had a routine arthroscopy and the surgeon discovered that he was missing a large chunk of articular cartilage on his knee joint and as a result decided to repair the damaged meniscus instead of scraping it out as he would do normally. Its been two weeks since we last saw the surgeon and Ron is now able to take off the hinged brace at night and for showering but the Dr recommended he continue to wear the brace during the day for another month. The longer he stabilises the damaged knee, the more chance he has at preserving that meniscus and the better his long term prognosis.

Two months in a brace has had a noticable affect on Ron’s leg. His thigh has wasted away, the muscles atrophied from lack of use. His calf muscles have also shrunk leaving his poor leg looking like a skinny shadow of its former, strong, rugby self. Sigh. Luckily my husband is a glass-half-full kind of guy and he knows that as quickly as he lost his muscle mass, he can build it back up again. He has been through this kind of rehabilitation before when he had a full knee reconstruction on his other knee back in the ’90’s.

The unfortunate thing is that he still requires another major surgery to complete the process. The Dr wants to have some long leg x-rays taken in January to confirm his diagnosis of a valgus deformity in his left leg (knock-kneed) and then he wants to perform an osteotomy where his femur bone is broken above the knee joint and a wedge taken out to correct the deformity causing the articular cartilage damage. At the same time as this open knee surgery he will perform a cartilage graft where the healthy cartilage he removed at the time of the arthroscopy will be grafted back in to the missing areas with the hope being it grows again and delays Ron’s need for a knee replacement for as long as possible.

Ron has been a great patient, relaxed and not stressed about the inconvenience and hassle of wearing a brace, showering in a bin bag, not being able to do all his normal things. He is optimistic that his recovery will be good and that he will still be playing golf into his 80’s! He is sad about not playing rugby anymore but has plans afoot to run for a position in the rugby club and to start getting his coaching skills up.
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