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Amy – 4 years 4 months – not afraid at all

Amy has been going through an incredible stage of self-development recently. She has questions for me on everything and anything and will not let up asking until I give her an answer that satisfies her. We have talked about photosynthesis, inflated objects such as tires, coal trains and people in wheelchairs. We talk about how we feel and we spend quality time together, even if its just a few minutes. At night I tell her Amy stories and we recap important things that have happened to her, like how Blake likes to touch her hair because he has a speech delay and uses his hands to talk by touching her and then we have a conversation where Amy tells me how hard it must be to have words in your head that you can’t speak with your mouth. Astounding.

Amy has done a number of things for the first time recently. She started dance class a few months back and although it was hard the first few times because she is so unused to doing anything without me nearby or someone familiar, now she races off without looking backwards and tells me after that she always listens to her teacher and that dance class is her favourite.

Amy started swimming lessons two weeks ago in preparation for our summer holiday when we plan on spending a lot of time in the water. She hasn’t done lessons since she was 18 months old and that was in the pool with Ron. This time she is in the water with the instructor and three other children, I sit on the side with Stella and marvel at this brave and courageous child who lives and exists and succeeds away from me. During her first lesson she put her head underwater, blew bubbles and tried her hardest to do what the instructor was saying. At one point I was watching as Amy was stalling when it was her turn to launch herself from a seated position on the wall into the water at the instructor. I could see Amy’s mouth going at a hundred miles an hour and I could just imagine the creative argument she was waging as to why she didn’t want to do it. Then suddenly the noise around me quietened and I could just hear Amy say: “excuse me but I have had enough now” and then I watched as she nodded at whatever the instructor said and then swum towards her. I couldn’t believe how grown-up she looked in her swimming costume out there, swimming.

I texted Ron ten minutes into the lesson to say that she was doing so well and I was so proud and completely emotional and he texted back to say he thought my text was going to say it was a right off and she refused to swim! We just had no idea whether she would love it or hate it and we both felt amazed and excited that she had been so enthusiastic and so brave.

This Thursday we go to Amy’s pre-school for an orientation morning. I can’t quite believe we have got here already. Amy says she is very excited to meet her teachers and to use the small toilets. I am glad she has her priorities straight. Our preschool decision has been one fraught with self-doubt and indecision on my part and I am eager to see how Amy reacts to the environment. I am finally at peace with our choice to go with a small preschool where the emphasis is on play and caring and not reading and writing and times tables, she has years ahead of her for book learning, now I just want her to have a safe and nurturing place where she can make new friends and play, away from me and the house.

And so on Monday when we had a visit at playgroup from the zoo and the lovely animal keeper started off by pulling out the biggest python I had ever seen up-close and asked the children who liked snakes, I wasn’t even that suprised when Amy’s hand shot up and she announced “snakes are my favourite!” and then proceeded to pat the python, the small snake, the ring-tailed possum, the turtle and the bearded lizard as though she has no care in the world. My big girl. I couldn’t be more proud of her.
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