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Bathing Stella is such fun, she adores the bath, being near her big sister, splashing and having water poured over her. A month or so ago we bought this bathseat as an easy way to contain her and not have to actually hold her in the water and now the girls will stay in the bath for ages together, its a great way to fill time at the end of a long day.

Amy has had an up and down relationship with the bath and Mondays are still quite tricky because its hair washing day and can go either way, easy, or traumatic. Stella on the other hand loves having her hair washed and isn’t bothered by water in her eyes.

Bathtime has always been Ron’s thing. We are lucky that Ron’s job means he can be home most nights for bathtime and its not something I have the patience for at the end of a long day. Ron will sit and play for half an hour, splashing, topping up the bubbles, adding some warm water whilst when I do bathtime I can’t sit still, tapping my foot, thinking about the laundry that needs to be folded or dinner that needs to be stirred.

After Ron’s surgery he wasn’t able to bend down until last week, six weeks when bathtime was my domain. Sigh. I am happy to have him back on duty, so are the girls judging by the happy shrieks and laughs that come from the bathroom most nights.

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