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Some more christening photoshoot outtakes

I have so many posts up my sleeve but tonight I am copping out with some more photos because I am out for dinner with a friend, a grown-up friend, just me and her, us girls, no children, no husbands, no distractions. Us, a bottle of wine, a delicious thai meal and LOTS of chatting. I can’t wait. So posts of more substance will have to wait until tomorrow. For now I leave you with some more photoshop pics from my little christening shoot.

I have a grand old post coming up about PHOTOGRAPHY and how it makes me feel and why its such an ISSUE for me. Should be interesting, at the very least because writing about means I think about it and this means I am slowly working through it.

Dammit, why didn’t I clean that suede headboard? Grrr. I actually think I might be anal enough to reshoot this weekend…….. hmmmm. Yes? No?

This one below is a special favourite. The post processing is obviously quite full on but I think it works. Personally I am just really enjoying Stella’s profile and I think I might have to take a lot more profile shots.

And just because I am (trying to) do the nablopomo thing, is there anything anyone would like to know, any questions you would like answered about the Super Whites, any topics you would enjoy being discussed? Why not, it gets me thinking which is only a good thing!
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