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The great photo hoax

So, I fooled you all! Hah! Quite hilarious, although of course I am laughing WITH you, not at you. Seriously….. I made myself laugh a lot this morning when I posted that entry and Ron thought I was quite mad, cackling at the screen. I thought it was a giveaway to post a link to daguerreotypes because they just don’t exist anymore and if I had found a box of silver plates in my non-existant attic, well I would be laughing all the way to the bank!

Jokes aside I am thrilled with how that photo of Stella turned out. I regret so deeply not taking any proper posed photos of Amy in the christening gown and so I was determined to do it this time round with Stella and she is just at the most delicious age, sitting up, smiling fit to split her gorgeous dimpled face right open. On Sunday I enlisted the help of my two assistants (Ron and Amy) and after Stella had woken up grinning from her morning nap, we had a mini-photoshoot in our bedroom.

The photos on our fake antique chaise in front of the window are lovely, whimsical and timeless and kind of creepy in that dress-the-baby-up-pose-the-baby kind of way. Almost like those freaky photobooth stalls that set up in the shopping centre where you can pay $20 to get a photo under flash of your baby wearing a mini biker jacket, posed on a teeny-tiny harley motorbike.

As well as the more formal photo I also took some fun ones on our bed. Two things, photographing a baby that is currently obsessed with chewing on her own toes does not make for pretty photos in a long christening gown. And DAMMIT why didn’t I brush the fake suede headboard all in the same direction. Oh well, you live and learn.

Sorry for playing tricks on you all, but you have to admit, it was pretty funny! Next time I promise to disclose when I abuse my photoshop actions!

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