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The new rangehood
BEFORE (no rangehood) and AFTER (with new rangehood and lights) Yesterday a good friend came over and installed our new rangehood. A few weeks back when we were feeling rather flush with cash, we finally bought a rangehood. Our kitchen has looked naked without one and I was tired of smelling last night’s dinner when I woke up in the morning thanks to a rather ineffective ceiling extractor fan.
As well as install the rangehood, John helped Ron move around some furniture to better utilise the space in the living room and then he installed some downlights and plugs on the deck while Ron anchored the bookshelf to the wall for safety.

I was out at a first aid course all morning and it was great coming home to the new arrangement. I then spent an hour sorting, dusting and arranging the bookshelves.

I cannot believe the difference the rangehood makes to our kitchen! I LOVE IT! Its sleek and industrial and actually looks as though it has been there forever.

The lights are perfect for cooking, the extraction is incredible and I can’t wait to cook something really smelly and not have to worry about the smoke/smell.


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