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Happy Birthday Ron

This week Ron turned 36. I decided to spoil him because he deserves it and because he has had a rough few months with his knee injury, and because I love him a lot.

When the girls woke up we all go into bed together to open some presents. Amy helped me wrap them and actually really helped, which is a nice development.

Stella seemed REALLY impressed with the first present Ron opened, a card/board game which we can play as a family and will take with us on holiday at Christmas.

Stella thought the best way to get into the gifts would be to chew her way in. Amy was a bit distressed at this considering how long it had taken us to wrap them all up.

Ron was thrilled and suprised when he finally unwrapped his Wii. The poor guy has been wanting one since they first came out and now he can finally play golf and tennis until his arms drop off.

Later that afternoon we had cake with candles which Amy was very excited about. She practiced singing and blowing them out all day.

Stella was just her usual delicious self.
Happy birthday love of my life, I am so glad you got to be spoiled by your girls!
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