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Stella is six months old

Stella, you are six months old. You roll over from your back onto your tummy and play happily for ages. You can sit up for long periods now, although I do make sure there are lots of cushions around you incase you face plant. You are still not a big fan of solid food and sadly it appears you would rather eat fruit than vegetables as you will always try a few mouthfuls of apple or pear but inevitably I end up wearing most of my red lentil savoury. You celebrated turning six months old by sleeping from 7pm until 5.35am without waking AT ALL. I am not getting my hopes up that this is the start of something but its certainly better than the multiple wakings you have been doing recently and for the record, what was going on on Monday night? Whatever it was it must have been bad because you spent almost the whole night in bed with me, most unusual. (But also quite nice to wake up to your sweet smile!) You are so happy and so cheerful and such a good baby, I marvel at how easy you are. You get tired? I wrap you and pop you into your cot, you go to sleep. You get hungry, I pop you on the breast, you eat, you burp. You smile, talk, blow raspberries and even laugh now, although I will say it again, for such a happy little soul you really don’t laugh much. You have suddenly become a blonde haired, blue eyed baby and even though I think you are far too pretty to be a boy, your Daddy has started styling your hair into a mohawk and twice this week someone has asked how old HE is?!

You weigh 9.15kgs and your head measures 45cms and you are about 67 or 68cms long. You wouldn’t lie still enough for me to measure you accurately. Stella you are a delight, a marvel, a gift and you make all of us happier just by being around you. Your sister adores you, your Daddy is wrapped around your little finger and you make me a better person every day that I wake up your Mummy. Thank you.

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