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The christening cake

I had the crazy idea to make Stella’s christening cake a few weeks ago. I found a recipe online for a fondant icing made from marshmallows and thought it looked simple enough. It was, to a certain degree!

The confession: I made the cake from a box mix, its just easier, quicker and less hassle. I made a 20cmx5cm chocolate fudge cake and iced it with readymade icing, I sliced the cake in half, iced the two halves together and iced the top. Then I got out the fondant icing that I had made the night before by melting marshmallows and kneading into a dough using LOTS of icing sugar and greasing my hands with copha, a kind of cooking lard made from coconut oil.

The recipe suggested that the fondant icing was best used after resting in the fridge overnight but it wasn’t clear whether I should use the copha again to keep the dough moist or use cornflour to dust the surface before kneading and rolling out. *Note to self* next time just start using the cornflour, it will save you some serious angst! But then again, making cakes for my children is a process always fraught with angst so this was just keeping with the tradition!

Thankfully with a little perseverence and a cheersquad in Ron, I managed to roll out the dough and then roll it onto a rolling pin and over the cake. Then all I needed to do was pat it down and cut off the excess and then Ron decorated the top with Stella’s name and the sugar roses and we were good to go. It was a great success, rather amateur in the execution but no less delicious for it and I will definitely make this fondant icing again!

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