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The christening gown

I need to take some proper posed photos of Stella in the christening gown, this is to make up for the fact that I didn’t insist on getting photos of her with her godparents in the church on sunday, or any of the actual service at all our attendants were standing up with us as godparents! This is also to make up for the fact that the above photos of Amy is one of the only ones we have of her wearing the christening gown. It was such a hot day that she was only in it for the beginning of the service and I couldn’t even put her in the beautiful under-petticoat.

As I recall this christening gown was made for my grandmother by her sister. Its all handstitched and lovingly crafted and a beautiful piece of workmanship. I am an old fashioned girl at heart and love things like this, something sentimental handed down through the generations with stories added after each occasion.

On the friday before the christening I gently unwrapped the gown from its folds of tissue paper and held it up, amazed that I once wore this (will dig the photos out and scan them when I have the energy) and my father wore it too. Its an actual tangible piece of history.

I can’t believe I worried about Stella fitting into it, even Amy could probably have squeezed into it now!

The gown and underskirt hanging up before I gave them a gentle iron under a pillow case to get rid of the creases from being folded.

My model, all grown up!
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