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Stella’s Christening

Sunday was Stella’s christening at Ron’s family’s church. This is where he was christened and where we had Amy christened when we arrived back from the UK. She was exactly 7 months and Stella was 6 months last week (I KNOW!) and they both wore my family’s christening gown. (Story about this to follow in a later post.)

It was a special day and lovely to celebrate with close friends and family and of course, our two girls. Unfortunately it started to rain halfway through the service and the downfall was so torrential at the end that there was no way we could have the traditional family photo outside under the sign, instead we posed for some quick family pics at the alter.

Thanks Mum for pointing out that I am wearing a halo made of flowers in this photo.

We invited everyone back to our house for lunch after the service. Luckily the rain slowed and we all managed to squeeze onto our deck.

I made Stella’s christening cake with a homemade pink fondant icing made from marshmallows and a rich chocolate cake inside, it was an absolute hit with everyone. I also made a baked cheesecake which suffered a terrible oven incident resulting in a large crack however this did nothing to the taste which someone described as being the best cheesecake they had ever had!

I love baking things like this and took immense pleasure from dishing up my creations and sitting back to watch people enjoy.

Empty plates all round. After three birthday parties, one family christmas, a number of sunday lunches and now one christening party we have finally managed to get our catering numbers right. We had just the right amount of food although I could have bought in more wine. Hmmm.

The rain stopped for long enough for the children to have a quick run around in the garden, chasing bubbles to work off some of their sugar energy.

But they had to come back inside fairly quickly when the downpour started again. It was hard not to feel disappointed in the weather because our garden is so lovely for children when its sunny.

We had a great time despite the weather and Amy enjoyed playing with friends and saved a special cuddle for her cousin Ryan. (Ron’s cousin’s son) Stella was perfectly behaved all day except for a little cry whilst we were standing at the front of the church for the baptism part of the service. She hadn’t had a very long sleep and got irritated with me for continually removing the yellow service sheet from her. Although she didn’t cry when Father James was annointing her she did bellow rather loudly when the other two babies were being christened! She was asleep in the pram in an instant after her part in the service was done and she even had another long sleep at home in the afternoon leaving me free to spend time with our friends.

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