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Finally – new haircut revealed

I finally found some time to get my haircut and I went for a short bob.

(I can only apologise for my expression in the above photo, its late, I am tired and maybe a little startled!)
Washing it is going to be super easy and quick, the lovely hairdresser says my postpartum hair loss is almost finished and she couldn’t find any more grey hairs, which is great news.
I decided to take Amy with me and leave Stella at home with Ron and it was a great girls outing. Amy her lunchbox and lots of colouring in to occupy her whilst I had my hair washed but she was so interested in the whole process that she hardly sat down and instead hovered near me asking a million questions in a quiet voice: “why is she doing that?”, “what is that for?”, “how does that work?” The very patient hairdresser answered each question and I think Amy is now in love, so much so that she has said she would like to go and have her hair cut. BREAKTHROUGH!

My crazy, dishevelled, pigtail wearing nutcase of a daughter.
My neck feels lovely and breezy and Ron keeps smiling at me and saying I look different, nice but different. Thanks internet for your help, oh and hi to Gemisht who I bumped into at the hairdresser, crazy small world!
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