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Stella was unwell on the weekend, from out of nowhere she ran a very high temp (39.9degrees C) and was off her breast feeds and completely disinterested in solid food. I gave her 4 hourly doses of panadol, kept her mostly undressed and cool and sat up with her for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday nights while the fever came down. Then on Monday she had some mild diarrhea. I didn’t really think much about the causes of all of this, it could be teething, maybe a reaction to the food we have started her on, maybe just the gods conspiring. Until today that is. When she woke up from her nap covered in THIS:
AAAAAAh panic, call the DR, call anyone! Thank goodness I had a friend round visiting (well apart from the fact that we exposed her children to the virus – SORRY KYLIE!) because she agreed this was no ordinary heat rash and I called the Dr. They said to come up straight away and ten minutes later the Dr says: “Roseola”.

Dr Google agrees with everything the Dr said:
“The first few days of roseola will seem like nothing worse than a mild virus. The pattern of symptoms that distinguishes it as roseola is as follows: • a sudden fever of 38.3-42.2 degrees C /101-105 degrees F, which lasts for three to four days, before suddenly disappearing • other symptoms of illness alongside the fever, such as, listlessness, irritability, a runny nose, cough, mild diarrhea, or decreased appetite • once the fever subsides, a pinkish-red, spotty rash starting on her trunk, sometimes spreading to the neck and extremities, which fades within a few hours to two days The sudden onset and disappearance of the fever, followed by the rash just when your baby seems to be better, are the telltale signs of roseola.”
I now know the symptoms of another childhood virus. Maybe this will help me be prepared AHEAD OF TIME next time round. Sigh. The good news is that once the rash appears the virus is almost out of her system and she is no longer contagious.
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