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Stella – a catch up in photos

These two pictures were taken in July. Thats now 3 MONTHS AGO – how did this happen?

I can see so many changes in Stella’s face from then till now.

But I love these profiles so I am posting them anyway.

It would be remiss of me to archive them without sharing them.

The lack of posting is due to exhaustion again. Funny that. Sleep deprivation is a mean, horrible thing.

But no matter how hard it is, I can’t blame this gorgeous thing. She is the most divine baby.

And so I continue to get up to her twice a night, bring her into bed with me, feed her until we both fall asleep.

Sometimes we sleep like this for an hour, sometimes its only ten minutes. Then I wrap her up, rub her back until she burps and quietly take her back to her bed.

Then I either fall back asleep instantly into a crazy dreamstate. Or I lie awake writing blog posts in my mind or shopping lists or something else that will be instantly forgotten upon waking the next morning.

I am having some of the craziest dreams of my life lately. In ten minute increments until I am yanked from slumer again to get up and bounce from wall to wall until I reach their room. Sometimes I stand there confused as they are both sleeping and I realise it wasn’t my babies calling me to wake but some strange dream person.

And then I kiss them both, sweetly sleeping. Amy spread across her bed, hair tangled over her face, teddy clutched close. Her brow sweaty. Stella wrapped up tightly, just the curl of her fingers over the top of the muslin. Little sighs of sleep.
And all is good with the world again.
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