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Stella and the giraffe – 5 months old

Stella’s 5 month stats are as follows:
Weight: 8.7kgs or 19.2lbs which is off the percentile chart!
Length: 67cms or 26 inches which is on the 95th percentile
Head circumference: 43cms or 16.9 inches which is on the 90th percentile.

As of 5 months 1 week and 2 days we have still not started Stella on any solid foods and to date she has only had breastmilk for sustenance. Despite allowing myself to consider all options and not rule out anything, breastfeeding and expressing has just worked for me without much effort. Expressing is MUCH easier now that Stella is not feeding at night because it means I can wake up and feed her from one breast while expressing from the other which is what I did with Amy for months. However Amy was still having a dreamfeed which Stella isn’t and so as a result I can express up to 200ml (7ounces) in one go which I think is bloody incredible!

I was quite open to using a top-up bottle of formula if necessary but as is indicated by Stella’s weight, clearly my breastmilk is enough for her and I am SO happy that I didn’t cave to suggestion and start Stella on solids early in an attempt to iron out our sleeping issues. Its amazing how many people suggested starting her on rice cereal early due to her large size, saying that it would help fill her up so she could sleep for longer.

This is what happens now when I try and take a photo for Stella’s monthly montage! She has just discovered the joys of rolling and will flip herself onto her tummy within seconds of us putting her down on her back. Of course then she protests loudly until one of us flips her back over!

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