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Since Saturday night Stella has been sleeping from 7pm until 6am without requiring a night feed! Can I get a “HELL YEAH?” I am still hesitant to post this or sing it from the rooftops as its absolutely going to change again, but for now I have had 5 nights where I have slept for 4 or 5 and even once 7 hours in a stretch. Although I am not feeding Stella, she has still needed me to go in and wrap her again, or put her dummy in at least once between those hours and of course karma dictates that Amy has been up two nights in a row with a sore ear and needed soothing. But the increase in deep REM sleep has meant I feel better sleep rested and have been having some wicked intense dreams!

However I am still exhausted because I helped a friend out this week and took care of her son who is a day older than Stella. She was in a fix and needed someone and I said I would help so we had two babies and Amy at home for three days this week. Thank god Ron was home too or else it might have got messy.

Now that I am getting some more rest I promise I will be back to updating more regularily instead of falling into bed at 8pm like a loser!

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