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A pictorial post about a morning with my daughter

Amy and I spent the morning together at a local children’s festival organised by our playgroup association. We had the BEST fun while Daddy was at home with Stella.

Amy was fearless and tried everything, she made my very proud.

The look of joy on her face made me incredibly happy, it was her first time at anything remotely like this and to see her so relaxed as she enjoyed all the rides was brilliant.

A self portrait in the tea-cup ride, I loved this as much as she did!

We did face painting and craft and I was lead by what Amy wanted to do and really loved being on her terms for the morning.

The red pelican was for Ron because pelicans are his favourite.

Bubble blowing and getting sticky but having fun.

Ice lollie eating by the petting zoo.

And then Amy blew me away by asking for a pony ride! I thought I might burst with pride, she was fearless and so happy.

It was a very special chance to spend some quality time with my daughter to reconnect and remind each other how much fun we have when we are together.
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