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Heads, shoulders, knees and toes

The patient is finally feeling better, he really doesn’t have a fun reaction to the general anaesthetic or the strong painkillers and last night he felt dizzy, nauseous and spaced out. After a shower (involving a large plastic bag and lots of masking tape!) and a couple of meals he is feeling much more like himself.

I am very tired however, I had to stay up till 10pm last night to give him his meds so I fed Stella then and went to sleep. She was up twice but easily settled and then I fed her again at 5am and gave Ron his meds. Then both girls were up at 6.45am so I spooned in a heaped teaspoon of instant coffee into my already strong cup.

I managed to sneak out to the shops with Amy briefly this afternoon even though I shouldn’t leave Ron with Stella as he can’t really pick her up seeing as though he needs two crutches to walk. She was asleep when we left and 35 minutes later when we came home I found Ron lying on Amy’s bed singing “The grand old duke of york” loudly whilst swinging the mobile with his crutch to keep Stella entertained until I could come back and pick her up!

We are all a little restless from being cooped up at home but I have suprised myself by being super organised so we are eating well and keeping ourselves entertained. We are off to see the surgeon on Tuesday morning and will know more then about the extent of the damage/repairs and the prognosis for Ron’s recovery. We are hoping he won’t be in the full leg brace for too long because I can’t fit him and the girls all into the car at the same time. Unless I strap Ron to the roof.

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