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Hair dilemma – HELP NEEDED

Right, I need help. The post partum hair loss is so desperate now that I am feeling quite repulsed by having to wash and brush my hair. As a result its permanently tied up in a ponytail and I feel frumpy and old. I need a change. And you are going to help me make the decision about what kind of change! The pics above are the after photos from my latest haircut, which was in January 2008. Yes, that is correct, the last time I had my hair cut was 20 months ago, nearly two years ago.

This is what it looked like before that haircut. Long, thick, permanently tied up in a ponytail. Exactly like it is today actually, as a matter of fact. Some things change and some stay the same.
Another after photo from January 2008. I loved this hair cut, it was short but not too short, it was styled but still a cut that could grow and grow and grow and look just as good.
Prior to the great haircut of January 2008, the last haircut I had before that was in January 2007. My hair was LONG – very, very long and I confess it had been years since my last haircut and once again post partum hair loss was making it very hard to manage a big head of thick hair. In these photos Amy is exactly the same age that Stella is now. Its time for another hair cut!
I liked this hair cut too although I felt it could have been shorter. I had a strange experience at the hairdresser where I told her to chop it all off and not to be afraid of going SHORT and she was so hesitant and unsure that I just let her do whatever she suggested which was in my opinion, a tame sort of bob that was neither long nor short.
So, this time I am thinking something completely different and I am tempted to go for the structured bob, longer at the front, short at the back. Internet, what do you think?
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