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The end of the dream

Saturday was a very sad day in the White household. Ron’s rugby team had all four grades in the Grand Final and in a desperate record breaking run of terrible luck, poor play and broken dreams – all four grades lost. I don’t want to go into too much detail because it still hurts to even think about it. Especially the First grade loss, the star kicker had a penalty after full time on the halfway line to win the game and missed the left upright by about 3 cms. To say the boys were devastated is an understatement. It was a terrible ending to a wonderful season, the only consolation, the club won the championship and so goes up a division, onwards and upwards hey!

The other devastating news is that Ron was injured in the last ten minutes of the game. Someone went down, all the ladies were craning to see who it was but I knew it was Ron. Thankfully he sat up briefly so I knew he was ok but its still desperate, those brief minutes of fear and worry, my heart racing, my stomach clenching. Although I was relieved he was up and hobbling off the ground I knew it was killing him he couldn’t finish the game. Sigh. The physio this morning said he thinks its a Menicus Tear and he sent Ron off for an immediate MRI scan. We have the pictures from the scan but now just need the physio to check them and then give Ron a referral to an Orthopaedic surgeon. Oh well, it could be worse, at least its not a ligament.
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