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A tale of two babies

The comparison photo – on the left AMY and on the right, STELLA, same same but different.
Look, I finally managed to dress Stella in something other than a sleep suit! And lucky I dressed her in this outfit, because she fit into it for exactly ONE DAY. Damn her delicious chubby thighs, she doesn’t fit into ANY of the little pairs of trousers that I dressed her big sister in at the same age and she only wore the gorgeous gap jeans once before I admitted that driving around with my own button undone is ok, allowing my baby to hang out with her jeans button undone, well its just not done!

So sadly another outfit banished to the box of clothes in the garage/storeroom/craftroom. Ok alright I will call it what it is, the “rugby room”. Its a bit depressing to get outfits out, washed and then put on Stella only to take a photo and then undress her, wash the outfit and pack it away again. I can’t wait for the summer when I can dress her in little sundresses and singlet tops (vests) and not have to worry about squeezing those delicious thighs into tight pants! Amy only ever had little chicken legs, not really evident in this photo below, but still.
So many blog posts lined up now, just need to find the TIME to get around to posting them. SIGH.
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