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A visitor on the deck

A few weeks ago now I was on the phone with a friend when I looked up and saw this guy sitting on our deck railing. I called Amy over and we went outside for a closer look.

Amy was able to walk right up to the Kookaburra and put her hand out and he seems very friendly and also a bit annoyed that we didn’t have anything to feed him.

Amy and I couldn’t decide what kookaburras eat so we offered him some bread which he turned his beak up at and then Amy was eating a cheese sandwich so she gave him some cheese which he tasted but didn’t seem to like either.

Apparently they like insects and will often eat leftover meat or raw mince if offered. We think someone must be feeding this guy because he was so tame and inquisitive.

Sadly he hasn’t been back although we do hear them laughing closer to the house now and Amy often stands on the deck calling for Mr Kookaburra to come back!
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